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Advocacy to Enhance and Implement the Legal Framework of All Forms of Human Trafficking

The protect titled ‘Advocacy to Enhance and Implement the Legal Framework of All Forms of Human Trafficking’ being undertaken in 3 districts namely Dhaka, Lalmonirhat and Kurigram districts from February 2010- January 2011 with the support of USAID/Winrock International. A series of workshops were held at district and upazila levels to identify the types/purposes of trafficking, routes of trafficking, modus operandi, assessing the numbers of last ten years, weaknesses in implementation of existing laws related to trafficking and recommendations to fill up the gaps in implementing existing national legislation of human trafficking and to formulate a comprehensive law against human trafficking in line with UN Palermo Protocol. A division level consultation was held at Rangpur with the division level stakeholders to get recommendations on draft comprehensive law against human trafficking formulated by the Implementation Committee under the with leadership of Ministry of Home Affairs with the participation of Divisional Commissioner, Rangpur, Deputy Commissioner Rangpur, police officials, lawyers and journalists. At the end, a national seminar was held on Concerted Efforts towards formulating of the Comprehensive Law against Human Trafficking: Next Steps for Implementation at Dhaka to was to synchronize all of the existing initiatives of advocacy partners of ACT program on the Comprehensive Law to suppress Trafficking in Persons and create the political will for reflection of the grassroots level recommendations in the draft comprehensive law formulated by Ministry of Home Affairs and adoption of the Comprehensive Law against trafficking in persons in line with UN Palermo Protocol.

A number of grassroots level recommendations have been incorporated in the Draft Comprehensive Law against Human Trafficking given below:

  • Section 2 (13) with regard to definition of traffickers as the persons, agencies or institutions engaged directly in any kind of trafficking activity. 
    Section 2 (19) with regard to age limit of child as 18 years.
    Section 3 on definition of Human Trafficking including both internal and international trafficking of all human beings and all forms of human trafficking.
    Section 15 (1) with regard to nature of the law such as cognizable, non-bail and non-compoundable.
    Section 16 and 19 with regard to speedy trial of the cases of human trafficking.
    Section 29 (2) on to initiate and conduct investigation should be vested with the police officials of the concerned police station not below the rank of Sub-Inspector instead of Inspectors. 
    Section 30 (1) of the Draft Law with regard to the power to effect search and seizure should be vested not below the rank of Sub-Inspectors instead of Inspectors. 
    Sections 31, 32, 34 and 35 on rescue of victims of human trafficking, establishment of protective homes and rehabilitation centers, protection, rehabilitation and reintegration of victims. 
    Section 40 with regard to enter into bilateral and/or multilateral treaties and/or sign memorandum of understanding with other states, preferably with the States in which the victims, witnesses, proceeds, instrumentalities evidence or defendants or accomplices of offences covered by the Draft Comprehensive Law against Human Trafficking.