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Project: Multi-sectoral referral system for victims of trafficking, sexual exploitation and those in vulnerable situation in Satkhira district

On going project : 21 Apr, 2019

The multi-sectoral referral system was started since January 2014 till to date with CWCS’s own contribution with the aim to address the issue of trafficking in a holistic way by providing healthcare, counselling, shelter, food, access to justice, integration with family members, identifying victims/survivors for life skill training.

Activities undertaken till 2017 are: 875 victims were provided healthcare and counselling services at Information Health Booth (IHB) being referred by law enforcing agencies, Community Watch Committee Members, NGOs, and community people; 319 victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation were provided temporary shelter on an average of 2-7 days, reunion with family members and being escorted to their homes by booth managers.

In addition, 313 victims/survivors were provided counselling at CWCS’s Counselling Centre at the government Satkhira Sadar hospital. Through the multi-sectoral referral system developed at Satkhira district victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation are being provided healthcare services at the government hospitals, access to police stations, victims being referred by various stakeholders and community people for healthcare services and shelter.

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