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Project: Motivational Training for Youth Volunteers to Promote Safe Migration and to Combat Human Trafficking

On going project : 25 Jun, 2019

The project titled Motivational Training for Youth Volunteers to Promote Safe Migration and to Combat Human Trafficking was initiated in September 2011- August 2012 with the financial assistance of The American Centre, Dhaka. Geographically the project covered 4 districts of Bangladesh namely Chapai Nawabganj, Cox’s Bazar, Jessore and Satkhira.  

Project goal and objectives:

The project goal is mainly to promote safe migration and to combat human trafficking. Specific objectives are capacity building of grassroots level Youth Volunteers to address the issues of safe migration and trafficking, creating awareness among school going students about human trafficking, sensitizing teachers and guardians to combat human trafficking and lastly to compliment the work of Counter Trafficking Committees set up by the Ministry of Home Affairs at district, upazila and union levels.

Project activities:

  • Two day long 4 district level Motivational Training with 80 Youth Volunteers (college going students) balancing gender at 4 districts namely Chapai Nawabgonj, Cox,s Bazar, Jessore and Satkhira. who were motivated about the causes, mode of procurement and consequences of trafficking as well as safe migration and unsafe migration and nexus between unsafe migration and trafficking
  • National Seminar with participation of 80 trained Youth Volunteers of 4 districts, partner NGOs and higher government officials of concerned ministries and representatives of INGOs to inform them about initiatives of Bangladesh government and non-governmental organizations in promoting safe migration and preventing human trafficking by high government officials of concerned ministries as well as representatives of INGOs and national NGOs.  
  • Trained Youth Volunteers conducted awareness campaigns in 160 schools of four districts and 4 8,000 students and 300 teachers were sensitized about safe migration and causes and consequences of human trafficking to work towards prevention.