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Project: Training Curriculum Development and Training on Trafficking

On going project : 26 Jun, 2019

This project was implemented during May-November 2015 with financial support from UNODC and ILO, Dhaka. The project aimed to strengthen the capacities of concerned stakeholders namely law enforcement including immigration officers and labour officers/inspectors to prevent and identify, investigate and prosecute cases of trafficking and forced labour, and to enhance cooperation between police, immigration officers and other concerned law enforcement officials.  

Project activities were: Training Needs Assessment (TNA) to develop a chapter focusing on human rights of women labour migrants and trafficking for forced labour; prepare a Training Manual on Human Trafficking including labour trafficking; followed by a Consultation Meeting; and conduct 4 batches of trainings for 100 law enforcement officials from Immigration Department; Airport Armed Police; local police stations adjacent to the airport and Benapole border check point as well as Border Guard Bangladesh. 

A Consultation Meeting to Share the Training Manual on Human Trafficking focused on Forced Labour for Law Enforcement and Immigration Officials was organized at CIRDAP Auditorium on 13 October 2015. About 16 experts and concerned officials of the government, law enforcement agencies, UN agencies, INGOs and NGO attended and provided their feedback to enrich the chapter on trafficking focused on forced labour. Four districts namely Jashore, Chittagong, Sylhet and Dhaka were selected as the geographical area for conducting 4 two-days training courses. The logic behind selecting these areas was three international airports are situated in Chittagong, Sylhet and Dhaka and the busiest land border checkpoint between Bangladesh and India is Benapole in Jashore district. A total number of 100 law enforcing officials including immigration officers, members of the Armed Police Battalion (security at the airport), police officials of the local police stations adjacent to the airport and border check point and members of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) attended these 4 training courses. Participants of law enforcing officials included Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors, Assistant Sub-Inspectors of Police as well as Naib Subedar and Subedar of Border Guard Bangladesh.