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Research Studies

  • Role of Recruiting Agencies in the Recruitment Process to Ensure Safe Migration in order to Prevent Human Trafficking 2011-12, Winrock International/USAID

  • Assessment of Situation analysis and an intervention plan in the field of Human Trafficking in Bangladesh, Anesvad Foundation, Spain April-June 2011

  • Impact of Migration on family members left behind : an International research in Bangladesh and India, funded by SENAI 2009-10

  • State of Trafficking in Women and Children and their Sexual Exploitation in Bangladesh, 2010, ANESVAD Foundation, Spain.

  • Developing the Evidence Base for Hypotheses on Extremism and Radicalization in Bangladesh, 2008 for DFID, Dhaka.

  • Overcoming the Constraints faced by Women Entrepreneurs in Small and Medium Enterprises in Dhaka City, sponsored by ILO Dhaka, 13 February – 30 May 2007.

  • Gender Based Violence at the Workplace, August 2006 for Social Science Research Council, Planning Division, Ministry of Planning, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

  • Promoting Women’s Participation in the World of Work, sponsored by ILO Dhaka, August– October 2005.

  • Family and Community Life in Bangladesh, September- October 2003 for Sesame Workshop, International Research Department, New York.

  • Gender and Local Governance: A New Discourse in Development, sponsored by SANEI Secretariat: Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relation (ICRIER), New Delhi, July 2000-June 2001.

  • Report on Towards Pro-women and Child-friendly Policing, 2001, CWCS.

  • Violence Against Children, July-December 2000 for The British Council, Dhaka.

  • Mapping of Missing, Kidnapped and Trafficked Children and Women: Bangladesh Perspective, funded by International Organization for Migration (IOM), Dhaka, February 2000.

  • Child Trafficking: The Underlying Dynamics, sponsored by Red Barnet, Bangladesh, September 1997-January 1998.

  • Eliminating Gender-Based Discrimination in Employment in South Asia: Bangladesh Country Profile, sponsored by ILO, South Asia Multidisciplinary Advisory Team (SAAT), New Delhi, October-November 1997.

  • Domestic Child Workers in Dhaka, Phase II, sponsored by Save the Children Fund Australia, February-June 1995.

  • Domestic Child Workers in Dhaka, Phase I, sponsored by Save the children Fund Australia, April-December 1994.

  • Bangladesh Country Study on Girls in Especially Difficult Circumstances, sponsored by United Nations Children’s Fund Regional Office for South Asia, Kathmandu, Nepal, January-June 1994.